Back in 2015 I closed my forum which was called Peatarian. It was created to better understand Peat's work and put it to the test. Eventually strange things started to happen, which is why I closed it. The years after I slowly realized that things are much worse than I ever imagined, and it's my duty to report on my experiences to give an idea of what happens behind the scenes in the Ray Peat groups as well as report on the wrongdoings of several of the individuals.

I made this forum in 2012 to better gauge the validity of Peat's work, and closed it 3 years later for a variety of reasons. Around the same time (in 2015), I was bullied by a group of people who I think were part of a group of which one or more people hacked my computer. These were people who knew each other well ; Danny Roddy, Brad Abrahams (producer of the 'On the Back of a Tiger' documentary), Pranarupa (now 'Vashin Vetala'), Christina Ieronymakis, Karen McCary, etc. I have no clue why this is done, why these people keep doing this. All I do know is that, as my forum closed, Roddy set up a Patreon, Brad Abrahams crowdfunded 80k for his documentary, 'Haidut' (supposed to be a slav analogue of 'Robin Hood) set up a supplement store, Karen McCary started coaching, Charles Mathers (who runs RayPeatForum) and his family set up another supplement store, etc.

Around the end of 2014 I *think* some person or maybe multiple ones broke into my computer by phishing. Initially I only noticed strange behavior, didn't think much of that. I just figured it was due to the fact that I kept my forum, and several people didn't like me at all. An example is Pranarupa. His articles struck me as weird, because I had written some silly stuff on pregnenolone in 2013 with alliterations and a format exactly like what he used (alliterations as titles, poems as introductions, number of paragraphs referring to numerology, etc.). I only shared it with two or so people in private since what I wrote seemed to be wrong. It looked to me like he was degrading me in his blog, also. He talked about asymmetry, and posted some monstrous pics on his FB. One of the pics looked like a cartoonesque horror version of a uni picture of me that was taken at the time. I got odded out and figured they got a hold of it somehow (maybe because of one of two other students that knew of Ray Peat groups and that had been on my forum). Subsequent pics also looked like pictures of me at the time ; same lighting, same expression, always a gothic tint to it. Throughout the years after I was rather annoyed by his behavior. In 2016 he wrote a new article, which again seemed to have references to me. Parodies. I got annoyed, saw he lost two subscribers, I thought that was funny, and right then he closed his blog. Later on, after receiving an e-mail from Ray Peat complimenting him, he opened a new one. The new blog was called 'vashin vetala' ('vagina vampire').

You had Christina Ieronymakis who was more easy to interpret. She contacted me out of nowhere in December 2014. I ignored her for more than a month, then messaged back, then left, but even a year later she contacted me again (she did so a few times in 2015, which to me seemed absurd since I simply did not answer to her). She called at the end of 2015, I didn't take up the phone after which she put up a video on her youtube with the title 'Final Call'. I thought there was something odd going on because she barely used that youtube before and suddenly it was filled with weird videos, and it just kept getting more weird. The videos looked like insults towards me (also comments on asymmetry, monstrous stuff, etc.). If you haven't gotten it already, I do have asymmetry in my face. Here are somewhat bad examples of how she acted :
I end up in the hospital (yeah ... it got pretty bad, too long to explain), develop a scar after surgery, when back home I google 'how to heal scars', she puts this online :
Or I do some shitty freelancer job which earns me very little while I study for exams, she posts this (the vid she shared has been removed I think, it's a substitute) : (read the lyrics here, 'looking like a villain', 'spotlight on me and I'm feelin' so rare tonight', 'I'm fuckin' flawless like I live in a vault', the insults are always the same)
Or I'm starting to think out loud that I'm losing hair, and note down that I need to fix my bike (my bike is red and they should know that since I bought it online), she posts this (will comment on the use of French later on, but you'd have to know my room at the time, with a digital organ on my right, a globe on my desk, a guitar behind me on the bed, and I was playing music all the time doing little) :
Worse even, I watched Jacques Ellul videos right at the time. What exactly is the probability of that?
Or I call her swollen out loud because she kept commenting on my looks and she posts this:
It's hard to explain but she seemed to refer a great deal to my drawings from 2013, when I lived at the sea. She seems to think they were about her but it makes little sense.
Or I start whistling a whole lot, then ('birdcage', and references to dinosaurs etc. as always) :
(and at the same time she also posted another vid with a bird, it was a vid about a guy with a bird and a sick father and a jellyfish, this was right after I had a spat with my father and I mumbled in front of my computer something along the lines of 'he's sick', kept whistling, and called her a jellyfish out loud)
Or I post this vid online to parody her as she likes to do with me, then change my mind and take it away, and she posts this (I watched Japanese movies from Ozu, she represents herself like a cat) :
Or I look at French vids and she posts this (the French thing got weird as she never talked a single word of French but suddenly went all in there - half of my family only speaks French, I talk French with my parents) :
Or I subscribe to some Flemish channels or pages and Christina subscribes to 'Flemish TV BE' and when I 'respond' disparagingly (hard to explain how, also by posting a youtube vid on my profile) she unsubscribes.
All of it seems way too shady to me, you'd have to be in my place to appreciate how weird it all was.

This happened about 150 times in 2 years, just her. I'd say about 95% of what she posted on that youtube looked like a direct insult in those years. There are a few more Peat-related people that behaved in extremely similar ways, and the content of their insults/parodies were the same (eg. comments on asymmetry).

Some guy I used to talk to sent me some vid, which seemed like yet another derogatory comment on my looks. I deleted the e-mail. Shortly after he sent it again. Similar (short) e-mail, same vid. I proceeded to ridicule some of his personal issues after which he told me I have no empathy and should visit a doctor, and left. I never heard of him again. That same guy would ask me strange questions that seemed to come out of nowhere, but that I later understood to correspond with my private life (at the time I didn't consider it a possibility, I considered it a coincidence). He had not been like that in 2014 or before that, though I fairly regularly talked to him.

Not just the content but the timing was usually in exact accordance with things happening in my private life. What's more, when I moved out of the house and bought a new computer, virtually all of the profiles that had once been interpretable weren't anymore. Their insults didn't match my current lifestyle, current looks (hairstyle etc.), ... Pranarupa stopped talking, most people didn't say much online anymore.

Throughout the years I endlessly 'tested the waters' and it just led me to this conclusion. I know it sounds rather crazy, but there's so much evidence.

Because it's hard to explain myself and didn't really bother doing so my psychiatrist figured I would have schizophrenia. I listened because I figured if I were I wouldn't know. No obvious parts of my life signal serious insanity aside from looking stressed out or things like that. So I took the prescribed medication - olanzapine - it did not 'pop delusions' and made me very sleepy. Maybe re-doing the treatment or even finding alternative meds or approaches would help, but I can't afford sleeping 12 hours a day right now or putting too much money into this.

I am not claiming any of the aforementioned people did any hacking (I doubt they could), I was under the impression some other person unbeknownst to me did it and made them aware of it. It's perfectly fine to me for any of you to assume this to be nothing more than a psychotic streak of mine, just seeing where this leads me.

As for security, thanks for the advice. I have not seen an overlap with my private life since buying a new computer and moving to an other place. Assuring this is pretty much my only concern right now ...

[In response to someone] Yes the insults are very personal, it's not really a surprise that you'd question my sanity (I would probably think the same if I saw some guy saying this). Hacking someone in particular doesn't seem difficult (phishing, tampering with kernel, ...). Identifying a hacker is pretty much impossible. The strangely analogous pictures Pranarupa put on his FaceBook are a tiny fraction of a bigger whole. All kinds of things added up and eventually I figured they tampered with my computer, started bullying with the use of metaphors and other indirect insults, and finally faint ignorance.

Brad Abrahams who did the documentary was a member of Peatarian and changed his nickname on there (it is fairly obvious that the references to Harold Hillman were taken from there, even the 'on the back of a tiger' thing was something I made a silly drawing of somewhere in the spring of 2013, and I commented at some point how Hillman invited people over very easily, as he himself believed he wasn't gonna be alive for much longer). He was part of that group (Danny Roddy, Karen McCary, Edward Edmonds, ...) that called my forum cultist. And called me 'authoritarian' in particular. They never said why, and it made little sense (especially coming from Danny Roddy).

My forum was not very well-liked by some. There was no censorship, it had a great deal of comments criticizing bloggers/coaches, so a backslash was to be expected (on top of this, they're pretty much all befriended). As I announced in 2014 that I didn't want to be administrator anymore, there seemed to be a decent deal of status-seeking behavior of other people, and a woman who had been falsely accusing me of rape in 2012 joined FB communities at the same time. So I kept my forum.

A great deal of money is being made by using Peat's work. In 2012 Danny Roddy sent me an e-mail asking me to put an affiliation link to his book at the top of my website. I'd get 10%, or 4,7$ per sale. I told him I did not want money and put a direct link instead ( It's typical behaviour for him to, later on, quote something like 'if someone does a commercial everything coming out of their mouth is dirt'. Obviously it's not just him, many other persons made Patreons, crowdfunded, wrote eBooks that spread information that could easily be found for free.

The 'Peatarian Reviews' series had been made by a user on my forum, but he deleted them at some point. The format was nothing new, in the sense that similar posts had been made by others, just not as a series. It was initially called 'Ray Peat Critical Series'. The name change and move to a blog was weird (the description of the blog didn't help either). Since the author eventually got a place on the documentary, Karen McCary put a link to the blog on her own site, and Danny Roddy promoted the author (without apparently giving a damn about the content of the series, as he made a carrot-salad video later on and kept recommending thyroid supplementation), I figured the whole thing was shady.

(I tried to give a bit of the context of the whole thing, as some people may ask themselves, as did I, why anyone would do anything to me - I mean that there are quite a few people who seemed to loathe me and wanted to take over my forum. If you look a little at the business strategies used by some of the members of the groups, like Roddy interviewing haidut in private, or people starting to coach, patreons, ... any way to grow the audience and make the groups more homogenous is a plus when it comes to this kind of monetization - and there was a time where my forum was larger than RPForum, it was created before that one).

Since the posts I made, a few things changed ;
Roddy removed his Patreon income; the On the Back of a Tiger guys moaned a little more about profiteering in the health industry (supposed to take attention away); Christina posted a lot more on her SoundCloud, plenty of references to the sea and other stuff only I will understand (given that I just contacted her mom, the university and herself through multiple channels, requesting to stop doing that, it is yet another confirmation of what I've been saying - I went to the sea for a week, by the way, and visited the home of my parents right before that).

[12/01/2019 -- I attacked her directly in those days, after which she removed her SoundCloud but obviously made a new one (it followed the same people) with a name called 'gh0st'. After this, the French people very regularly claimed her to be 'ghosting' me, and it was said that this was revenge for me ignoring her. The avatar of the new SoundCloud was a cat, something like this :
[Image: F0bhNgV.png]
The initial posts I made here said she kept on presenting herself like a cat. Taunting as always.]

I'll be a bit direct about the group Christina Ieronymakis set up against me (she was a member of my forum but I do not know her personally). Their bullying is obvious (I confronted them all the time). As I said before, I ignored her calls in 2015 and by the end of that year she seemed to be bullying and never stopped. This included commenting on my body (teeth, hair, genitals, muscles or lack thereof, weight, I was said to look like a bear, a dog or a pug specifically, comments on the asymmetry in my face, or anything you'd expect a typical bully to do). Her friends claimed her to look 12 years old, said she is unbelievably pretty, proceeded to brand me a pedophile (it would be nice to know why since she dated an underage guy during her mid-twenties at the time). Here is how she actually looked (2016) :

[Image: Lz7JcR2.jpg]

At some point in 2016 I was watching some French youtube videos (half of my family only speaks French and every year I spent weeks there on vacation throughout my teenage years). They were permaculture videos, music, etc. Then Christina started to put things on her youtube that seemed like insults but in French. This happened a few times more while I still watched such videos. Later on she put up some link to some guy, and it linked to some twitter account which linked to some others. They were Christina's newfound friends and over the course of 2 years I gradually came to understand that they joined in on the party too. They're all French, gamers she found online. In public they present themselves as kind, sweet, supportive. They're not like that in private.

Names are Alexandre Dufay (nickname 'MetaWendoh'), Simon Delauney, Shineaud, DanyCaligula, Charlotte Spampin, Laurine Sassano, Glenn Bokondo Stijn Saenen, Tim Enis, Melody Van Geele and Megane Nousse.
[Image: hVsKczx.png] [Image: jXKwJcg.png] [Image: 6iFRFGT.png] [Image: JuJAAfo.png][Image: rjY6uSm.jpg][Image: eCdfAJH.png][Image: w54h0oA.png][Image: QKdL4JH.jpg][Image: 2M6rflH.jpg][Image: sUpQ8au.png][Image: qkPrn0s.png]

When I confronted these people personally they made obvious references, eg. parodying me when I contacted Christina's mother, or when I sent her a message on Skype. The mother reads my messages, ignores them. Seems to act like she has the moral high ground as per usual. Most of them do that. --- UPDATE for example when I posted this, right after one of the ones above retweeted this :
Typical references that never really proved that they were bullying but helped me to understand. They're 'coincidences' that would remain just that were it not that it must have happened more than a thousand times by now. I confront, they parody. Etc. They're from the 'banlieue', French ghetto if you will (it shows).
Oh and Danny and Edward claimed to hate price-tags, now both have Patreons.

I got banned 4 times on RPForum. In 2 cases that seemed somewhat legitimate (I wrote sarcastic remarks and it seems like Charlie doesn't like disrespect). Made some post questioning Danny Roddy's claims on hair loss (and estrogen) because he was frustrating me with his remarks so I figured I'd call him out on that. French people parodied it, didn't get responses with arguments. Not that I know what's true anyways, but I found the experience interesting as it's always like that. They got comfy repeating Peat's work and it's more about selling than about science. Much of what remains these days seems to be just that, or social stuff (trying to give advice to others, having like-minded people around, being part of a movement, ...).

[Edit March 2019 ; a few days after I wrote the above paragraph, which was added the second of February, Roddy went sharing the exact studies I talked about on RPForum on his Twitter, just to piss me off. He routinely lies to people. Study was one on dogs, they lost some fur because of estrogen cream, presumably. It was from Ray Peat of course. Case studies which find no support in human studies so far, not to mention that in humans, body hair and scalp hair inversely correlate.]

Last year I stayed silent for months. I had been given antipsychotics before, and they thought I still took them, but I didn't (at the time). Just figured that since they didn't have a hold on my private life I could just shut up and move on. It didn't work. Several of them continued bullying using older material (photographs of me in 2015 etc.). It was mostly the French people and Kyle Mamounis, none of whom look healthy or behave in healthy ways. Then Roddy started posting stuff on the son of a CIA guy who said his dad was a 'nazy spy' and who stopped saying it when given meds. He grinned and laughed with that. After a while I got fed up and attacked them frontally and added to this thread. It seems to excite them, as if they find this incredibly enjoyable.

It's clear none of the coaches respond to contradictory evidence and use science as a sort of decoration. It's meant to make it look more objective, without bothering to read the actual data. They wouldn't be able to anyways, none of them know the statistical methods used in the studies they share. If you question you get ignored, or may even be attacked personally. Still they claim to be incredibly intelligent. Roddy is a college dropout, just repeats whatever Peat says, uses the same glossaries, refers to the same people, even responds to messages in the same way ('I think it is probably ok.', 'I think thyroid function would be important to look at.' etc.). Tells you to question authority, presumably by agreeing with Peat at all times since Peat's actually questioning 'authority' (at least what he defines as such).

An other example ; in 2016, about 1 year after I started to get weirded out and still didn't think of a hack, I was watching people's profiles with a fake FaceBook account to get an idea of what was happening. The name of the account was 'Fatty Boom Boom' (don't ask). I deactivated it in October. Right after I did so, Christina posted a music video on YouTube with the intro lyrics 'boom boom shaka laka' :
A video of a dinosaur that gets vindicated by a lion. The few times I talked to Christina in 2013 she sent me a picture of a dinosaur figurine on her computer with the caption 'that's you' (my avatar on health fora was a dinosaur). If you knew her humor, you'd know that this is typically the kind of joke she makes. Always taunting. It's far from the only references the video contains (if you remember the cartoonish drawings I made on my FaceBook page you might appreciate it better).
In other words, perfect timing, and a strong overlap between private life and what is posted.

If this happens once, okay, coincidence. Happens 5 times, still coincidence. 50 times, okay, kinda weird but probably by chance. 200 times, weird but probably due to the fact that many things are interpretable (you know how it goes with music lyrics and the likes). 500 times, okay it's getting weird but no way people would hack into my computer and my iSight camera light isn't ever on. 1000 times, I realize it is way too weird, and apparently the iSight camera light isn't necessarily turned on when you use the camera (it's software-controlled). I move out of the house, buy a laptop I needed for school, and most of the bullying stops.

None of them look healthy ; haidut, Flavio Martins who I didn't picture since he deleted his profile pics after I commented on his face when he attacked my looks, Kyle Mamounis, Ryan Callahan, Danny Roddy, ...

[In response for someone asking for access to the archived posts of the forum] I can send a database file if you want, there are free web hosts online where you could install the necessary files to make it display properly. I'm not sure if the encoding is okay though, I had trouble fixing it the last time I tried. In 2014 and 2015 I circulated backup files so other former users may still have those.

Edit 24/04/2019 ; In the past week or so the only people still bullying were French people, Mamounis and Brad Abrahams. Brad started following this instagram a while back ;
Recall that I mentioned how Christina changed her Soundcloud account to 'gh0st', I wrote it in some other post here. Brad is connected to Christina, they follow each other on social media.
The context ; I didn't say a word since 02/02/2019, yet at some point people added votes to my reddit profile until the vote count went to 111. Would look like a coincidence to most, except that when looking into it I noticed many of the bullies had artificially started following people online so that their 'following' count on Twitter, Instagram, ... reached 333, 666 or 999 (I mentioned why they do the numerology thing in one of the first posts here). I kept silent, posted something on reddit to negate the thing, and noticed that they (un)followed people in concert. About 10 days later I complained on Brad's instagram, after which he followed an account that was as weird as the one I just mentioned, and also had plenty of references (read ; mockeries) to my former private life. I'm at a point where it's simply impossible to put this story into any doubt.

I can hardly do anything about the hack at home. They attack me on the basis of old material these days, it's obvious they have no hold on my current private life. The computers at home are property of my parents, so I don't have access to them. It's not worth the bother anyways, even if I'd remove that hack they would follow me online as they always do and try to find some other way to get on my nerves.

So... what happened in the past week (April 2019). Danny Roddy bullied me some more. He made some videos with obvious parodies of me, with references to movies I watched, things only I would understand. I like to read about gerontology in my spare time and he likes to call me prematurely aged because of that. He keeps on taking credit for ideas that aren't his (they're either those of Ray Peat or those of forum members, originally those were hair loss fora then Ray Peat fora like mine). Watch his grin at the end of his videos, you get an other view of who he really is. None of them are healthy.

One of the women, a woman that lives about a mile or so away from me and became a member of the Ray Peat groups. She posts random stuff on Facebook that nobody likes, nobody reads. She put this online ;

then she said sorry to me, I put this here on this forum (then removed it), and (in the process) she removed all her Facebook posts. Not a proof of anything, but it gives an idea of how shady the behavior is, usually.